Top 5 Trends in Cyber Technology

The internet is undoubtedly one of the fastest growing infrastructures with more communities relying on this arena for their day-to-day endeavors. More features have been introduced to make life easier and convenient while using the internet. Experts have come up with all means of innovations so as to keep the online arena secure, but surprisingly, more attacks have been recorded. People have lost information while using the internet and this is one of the concerns that are motivating companies to consider increasing their security. Here are evolutions that have proved to change the way people use the internet over recent past.

1. Cloud computing
More companies have embraced the idea of cloud computing as this has been seen a great way to minimize on the time that is used to process different orders. However, as the use of the cloud technology increases on, companies have been facing more security threats because this platform makes it easy for theft of information to take place. This has necessitated the installation of strict measures for the sake of keeping users safe while in the online arena. Attaining cloud security, therefore, has been of concern to more companies using the service.

2. New platforms and devices
With the adoption of new platforms and the release of new devices, people have been exposed to more serious security issues. For example, the android system has recorded several Trojan attacks and the release of malicious apps. This has posed a major security threat to the users despite the usefulness that come with these platforms.

3. Social media networking
With increased social media penetration, companies have been motivated to embrace data leakage technologies so as to curb unnecessary attacks on the web. Most users of social media networks have been on a malicious mission that could lead to things like hacking and theft of crucial data.

4. System protection
It has come to the knowledge of most professionals that the most important thing is protecting the system, rather than the information. If the system becomes impermeable, then information becomes secure. This has led to several security companies to come up with counter measures for any security threats.

5. Malware scanners
Most websites have embraced software that will help to scan files and messages for potential malware risks. If any malicious links are detected, the software is able to block the message. Therefore, this helps to reduce hacking attempts and los of personal information to fraudulent dealers.

6. Vonage connections
This is a system that allows one to make or receive calls over the internet. The set up requires connection box and internet availability for the service to work. It is one of the best options that companies can embrace for a better experience.